Ezra 1

Ezra tells the same story of the return of the exiles to Jerusalem that Nehemiah tells. For Nehemiah it was the wall, for Ezra it seems like it will be the temple

I’m fascinated by Cyrus of Persia. His kingdom defeated the Babylonian kingdom and he decided to let the exiles return home. He opened up the treasure house and let them take the plundered temple artifacts, of great value, home.

Some Jews thought he was the Messiah. It’s certainly quite extraordinary. I suppose politically it’s easier to rule an empire where you are viewed as a liberator. But he seems to have had a real affinity for different religions. Wiki suggested as a zoroastrian himself, he would understand monotheism. That slightly illogical, as you would think it could also be an argument for objecting to other gods.

Whatever, it is an example of God working through history.




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