Nehemiah 3

The work of rebuilding is a labor of love. Love of God and love of the community of Jerusalem. This chapter records with affection everyone who got to help with the project and the section they did. It reads like a thank you speech at a community charity drive. One group is singled out because the high class men didn’t muck in with the work (tsk tsk). In another section it’s noted that the daughters of a governor of a section of the city helped (that’s the spirit!). They are listed from the largest section down to the smallest, so at the end of the chapter you have so and so repaired the section from the start of blah blah’s house to the end of the house, etc. Tiny bits, but everyone pulling their weight. It creates a wonderful sence of community joy and pride. The pleasure of doing God’s work, especially when it coincides with civic pride. Building the walls of Jerusalem is still a metaphor for the work of a Christian on earth.


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