Daniel 6

God’s salvation literally on view, saved from the lions den the way the early Christian martyrs were not. This is a stage in the bibles slow reveal of salvation of souls. This shows it can happen without sacrifices in the temple.

I was struck by Daniels religion in exile reminding me of Muslim worship, praying 3 times a day facing Jerusalem. And indeed there are those who feel about as ill disposed to them in our society.

Daniel is the perfect example of the life Christians are called to live, saved by grace, but blameless in personal witness.

Again the shocking brutality of a god fearing foreign king. Darius is on Daniels side throughout the plot to destroy him, and having written a song of praise to God after the rescue, he throws the plotters to the lions, and their wives and children.

Give me bravery god who saves, to live uncompromisingly for you.


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