Daniel 3

Shadrack, meshak and abidenigo in the burning firey furnace. What a nightmare Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon was. His rampant ego laid traps. It’s immediately obvious that the effort Daniel put into praising god to the king as the source of his dream and interpretation made little lasting effect on him. Now everyone must worship his golden image or burn.

His mania is being fed by anti semitism in his advisers… The same presumably who would have been put to death if Daniel had not interpreted the dream.

The response by the three when challenged is basket faith at its best. Good can rescue us from fire, and even if he chooses not to, he is the one we worship, they say to the furious king.

And there are four, unharmed in the furnace, one of which is most likely Jesus. The king flips to worshipping god, and as is his way, orders that anyone who speaks I’ll of the three be cut up, houses reduced to rubble etc. What a guy!

So this is the god of exile. He does not abandon them. He is not limited to the temple sanctuary. In daniel the whole Jewish system has been attacked and dismantled, but the revelation of God gets bigger.

Give me wisdom to know when to just do my job and when to make a stand. Increasingly, Christians are in exile in those their own culture. Save us from siege mentality, save us from blandness. Teach us to let go of the physical and cultural trinkets of our religious system and fight the spiritual warfare, obtain the spiritual goal.

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