Genesis 25

Abraham’s death. We are in the part of genesis that is arranged as a series of patriarchal histories, linked by genaologies.

Now we are onto stories about Isaac, starting with his sons Jacob and Isaac.

This is an example of a strange biblical theme I think of as “the one who comes after”. Rather like Jesus and John the baptist, there is a common pattern of the second one getting God’s blessing.

Starting a new week, work feels complicated almost for the first time. Let me knock some long standing priorities over so I can get some clear thinking space. Can’t seem to settle Christmas either.

So we are introduced to a complex character, Jacob. He is a thinker and a plotter, in contrast to simple Esau, who sells his birthright for a bowl of soup. It’s amazing that he did this and amazing that Jacob would ask.

The internet being what it is, when you start to Google background to this striking story, you get a bunch of recipes for the soup!

Jacob is a good example of a flawed biblical character.  By the time you have finished the first few books of the bible, I recall, you wonder how it ever got the epithet “good”.

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