Genesis 24

T’was meant to be…

The strangely touching story of how Isaacs wife Rebekah was found for him. Everything about her family is sweet and gentle, but they succumb to God’s will that their beloved daughter should go and marry Isaac.

The only thing they ask is 10 more days with her before she goes. But the servant Abraham has sent with the task cannot wait that long, and the question is resolved by Rebekah herself, who says she will go straight away.

The character of the servant entrusted with this odd task is exactly what you would expect of a good employee. Thoughtful, slightly uncomfortable with it, sensitive and reliable. Persuing his master’s, and God’s, will with initiative.

And the first time we meet Isaac, the groom, he has gone into a field to meditate, one of the very first things we know personally about him at all… Previously he’s been miracle baby and sacrifice meat, but not contributed much, and here he is mature, a thoughtful man.

What can I say? God’s got class. These are deeply gracious people. The biblical account brings out a tenderness to everything. From the opening scene of an intimate oath between the aging Abraham and the faithful servant to the closing scene referring back to Isaacs sadness after his mother passed.

And behind it all God guiding every conversation, relationship and action towards his plan to make a nation from which the saviour will come.

I’ve this year been challenged to consider the idea that God still speaks as intimately and constantly to me as he does to the characters in this story. I would have thought previously that this story is a special case, because it’s in the bible, and it’s about the realisation of the covenant.

But why construct limits like that? I believe God hears my prayers. I keep returning to the picture Jesus gave us of god knowing the number of hairs on our head. I have been rather enchanted and oddly relaxed by a sense of destiny and mission in every moment of my life.

It is a view that certainly has massive challenges about how you live, but I do also have a sense of a lot of complexity falling away.

Speak to me father, may I hear you and acknowledge that i share everything with you.


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