Genesis 22

Abrahams terrible test. “Now I know that you love God because you have not held back your son, your only son”. The story of Abrahams illogical near sacrifice of Isaac is told with that biblical plainness, but bringing out the salient detail, much as the crucifixion will be all those years later.

Everything in you screams out against the betrayal of trust of the innocent son who will appease God’s need for justice by substitutional death.

So right at the founding of the nation of Israel the salvation price is established. I wonder how atheists and doubters talk about this, it’s an awesome, spine tingling moment.

I find myself believing because of the historical record, which I usually don’t. My belief has always been based on an emotional/spiritual sense of the rightness of the story.

So it’s sort of weird seeing this pre-figuring of the gospel story which was undeniably written 1000s of years before that story happened. I think wow, that gospel must have been God’s plan all along, he must actually for real be the true God, and it must actually for real be true.

Then I feel guilty, like god caught me being surprised that it’s true, when I already believed. But in the end, it just strengthens my belief: truth upon truth, like a solid wall of belief built of all kinds of bricks. So would i have agreed to sacrifice MY son?

Um…. Well God hasn’t asked yet, so we’ll find out when he does. It’s a perfectly hard test though, self sacrifice is easy compared.

Oh god how powerful, how awesome you truly are. How beautiful and terrible is the gospel. Thank you, thank you for your amazing love. For me, you did sacrifice your son


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