Psalm 20

I wrote a musical version of this once. I must dig it out. It was at a time when we were not happy at our church, and I got a spiritual hit by setting biblical passages to music instead.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we trust in the name of our lord” David’s life strategy in one hit.

I loved how it was a wish list of good things for someone like a benediction. I tried to write a song with a feel good positivity like bob Dylan’s “forever young”. I loved how that song had a finality to it. A benediction is like a goodbye.  Wishing blessing for someone is different to promising it.

The psalm is divided into the wish bit and the bit the writer knows.  He knows God answers, is involved, and that victory is given to his anointed.

I didn’t really address in my song that it was a battle hymn. It’s a song to sing before fighting.

Father, when other people seem to hold all the cards, may I trust in your name.

I just had a peak ahead. I suspect this is a bit of a sequence. I haven’t been looking at how the psalms connect really before. But tomorrow’s is a victory celebration… Like the sequel to this one. And the day after that is a “why God why” everything has gone wrong: a defeat psalm. And psalm 23 after that is the famous god-cares-like-a-Shepherd. As a set it’s a picture of hoping things will go right, sometimes they do, other times they don’t, but god is guiding through it all.

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