Psalm 17

“Don’t let my enemies succeed. I’ve been pure, they haven’t, punish them for generations.”

Sorry, this seems crude after yesterday’s sublime lightness. Admittedly I don’t have enemies as such.

I started regular office type work this year after 15 years of working from home. I had dead set enemies in my last job, it was toxic and I just got out. Fear of a repeat of that episode has directed my work choices. My enemies strategy has been to hope that there aren’t any. Avoidance.

So I can say David’s enemies approach is crude, but it’s less childish than mine. In pleading with god that they not succeed, he’s being faithful and trusting God, and not letting it stop him. My strategy effectively treats it as something god is not in control of, and gives into fear and ineffectiveness. He’s keeping God in control, I’m letting the enemies control me.

So smite my enemies, God!


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