Psalm 16

David unpacking his contentment. Which makes it an incredibly great poem about contentment, and of course, all about God.

I say that, but knowing David he’s in dire straights. It starts with “keep me safe” which is the only hint of any danger. He takes refuge in god, which means…

All that is good comes from God. His monotheism is deeply satisfying. “God alone is my portion and my cup”.

The right peeps, the right place, that classic OT combo. He really conjures up a soul quenching connection with the land the way he describes his inheritance having pleasant boundary lines.

He is emotionally intelligent enough (to use the buzz) to know that his contentment in the concrete comes from a satisfied mind. He recognises the ordering of stresses that seems to happen overnight as gods wisdom.

With the poet’s instinct for contrast he balances practical guidance and excitement in god by day, with intimate counsel and safety from death at night.

Then closes with an efficient metaphor of day and night as a joyful path and gods presence through life and eternal pleasure beyond the grave.

Wow what a love song to god. The quick flow of his thoughts connects you to this ancient mind in an immediate way that gives me chills.

Great start to a Monday, in a week with its fair share of worries.

Help me to bask in your goodness lord, you will keep me safe.

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