Psalm 9

People come and go, God is forever.  People can make your life hell, God is love.

David starts in praise mode.  I love praise mode.  Its the only work we can do for God: go “wow”.

Then a passage about the passing of David’s enemies.  They are utterly gone and perished, forgotten, in the past, got what they deserved. Still God remains.

In contrast to the enemies God is eternal fairness, compassion.  God is known by his works of justice, the wicked are ensnared in the works of their hands.

And we move briefly from the eternal “true” perspective to the uncomfortable present – in fact his enemies are persecuting him, and he is facing death. Again. But there is only a glimpse of that, so lost is he in the larger truth.

The final plea ties it together, a prayer that the nations will know they are mortal.  God will judge them, they need a healthy dose of terror of God.  Its a prayer for healthy terror, the kind that could bring truth and forgiveness.

Our nation could do with that!   

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