Psalm 8

Contrast is a great poetic technique… here the big and the small.  How often when you stand on a mighty natural view…on an outcrop over the ocean, or a vista over mountains, do ideas like these spring to mind – “that is magnificent,  God is mighty, big, and brilliant.  Yet he loves little old me!”   An easy psalm to remember, to revel in and to get all goosebumpy about.

I hadn’t really noticed:

   “Through the praise of children and infants

   you have established a stronghold against your enemies,

   to silence the foe and the avenger.”

Reminds me of the great moment in “to kill a mockingbird” where Scout diverts a lynching simply by it not occurring to her to believe badly of people she knew, heaping shame on them. The big and the small again: the biggest, strongest, nastiest threat of man crumbles before simple straightforward acknowledgement of God, fits in so perfectly with the childlike “look at the stars” wonder he is recalling.  So great!
Prayer just basking in a sense of God’s size, love and control.


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