Psalm 5

I’m sighing, crying, speaking, pleading a case. Emotional and rational.

Calling on the character of God as one who hates wickedness, boastfulness, lying, bloodthirstiness.

His credentials before God don’t rest on not being any of the above, but on God’s love for him, his awe of that love, and God’s power to improve him.

His enemies are close to him, tempting and flattering him with advice that leads to destruction and is like death.

He asks for the consequences of their own advice to fall on them, so they are gone.

Those with God find refuge and, are protected. They respond to God by rejoicing, joyful song, and exulting him. God covers them with favour like a sheild.
The psalm is a “punish my evil enemies who I know you hate” message, which feels sort of a bit harsh… calling upon god to revenge for you, however that sort of thing does dominate ones mind, so I suppose the psalm is recognising that God knows all your thoughts, uncensored thoughts of me.

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