Psalm 11

Bravery, straight out, no doubts. Someone has told David to go and hide in the mountains, but he comes out with “the lord is my refuge”. David’s bravery is based in his knowledge of the lord’s character. He is righteous and he loves justice.

Faith and doubt are not exclusive. At other times, David asks “why, why God do the unrighteous prosper? Why do you seem uninterested?”  But that seems reserved for quieter reflective moments.

Now is a crisis. The enemy bows are set to the strings, the foundations are being destroyed.

“What should the righteous do?” He asks. Then he describes god, remembers his power and his character.  The last line seems to say they don’t necessarily avoid death “the upright will see his face”.

He has faith in spades in the solid blocks of God’s character when the tough times come

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