Genesis 15

The promise to Abram restated and filled out. This is where his people are compared to stars in number, and that amazing statement of grace “abram believed, and it was credited to him as righteousness”.  Interestingly his belief doesn’t stop him having questions and wondering how the promise could come true.  Abrams righteousness will be a life lesson and a life experience as well as an advance deposit, like mine.  God gives him a sign of sacrifice to assure him of the promise.  He also gives him a warning that it will take generations of slavery before the land is fully theirs, which is experienced as a dread in sleep, which is a feeling I had last night, strangely.  Thinking about the kids. “a thick and dreadful darkness came over him”. When I read the word dread, I recognised the feeling I had over my children. Dread and sadness, inexplicably.

The going to egypt is such a strong thread in sciptures, Abram has already done it, Irael will do it and Jesus did it after his birth.

A stunning chapter, reminds me of the psalms, the way David gets lost in talking to God.

Help me to be a good father, show me what I should do for my kids. 


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