Genesis 12

I love the Bible! They say history is written by the victors, but God’s history is written by the losers.  We get to the amazing promise that God will use Abram to found a mighty nation.  Then he allows the Pharaoh to marry his wife under false pretences by lying that she is his sister, for his own material gain.  So weak and faithless!  We are in no doubt that God’s grace is the only hope for mankind, its painfully real.

Father, thank you for your grace poured out on mankind, that you do not love us becaue we deserve it, but because you are love. May I lead a life of love. 

Of course I should not belittle Abram. He listened to god’s voice. It might seem obvious, but the promise of God was not clearly fulfilled by his immediate circumstances. The land God promised was actually filled with other people. Yet he still went there, with the whole family. There must have been some who thought him mad. He raised altars to the God who no one could see, the nameless living God who spoke in his head. All the while he knew his wife was barren, which rather cast doubt on the nation that was to spring from the union. Then there was a famine.  I think my faith would have been tested.

Was it faithless to go to Egypt? Suddenly Abram seems to be planning as if god didn’t have a promise over him, virtually giving his wife to Pharaoh in return for material gain. God intervened with diseases… (His main way of speaking to the rulers of Egypt!), and they sent Abram away. The Pharaoh was very reasonable it seems to me,  God’s intervention is everywhere in this, but Abram’s weakeness is also well on display.  Father, you work through broken vessels.  I can’t run from your plans.


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