Genesis 10

So we zoom out again to a genealogy, showing how the sons of Noah spread out and covered the earth.

Genesis shows ordinary people in who’s lives God intervenes. I remember last time I read it I thought it was like Dallas with holy bits. Meaning for most of the book it’s pretty nasty people doing nasty stuff, not like a holy book at all.

But there is a thread of God and a thread of people. The thread of people is a line. In a chapter like this we see that they are a blood dynasty, the thread is just a family link.

Then it zooms in and the thread becomes a tapestry, a picture of a life of someone who god speaks to, who’s life becomes a response of faith, and though who God acts in the world. These are little oasis’ in a desert of depravity.

The thread of God is his plan for his creation, his loving, patient plan that forestalls the destruction due from our hatred of him.

Help me live a life of faith.  The whispers of God are always there, I will not squash them.

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