Genesis 9

Continuing god’s post flood promise, it is like a second creation, giving creation and the future of the human race to Noah’s sons. The Jewish ritual of kocher, draining the blood of animals is introduced here. Consuming the life blood makes that life accountable to god. It’s a way of respecting that God is the giver of life, by the recipient of his creation, man. A bit like saying grace.

And then the rainbow promise, the reminder to god never to destroy the world by flood again. It’s a promise to the animals as well. It’s a chapter about the magic preciousness of life.

But the stain of sin remains. Noah gets drunk, ham, the youngest son doesn’t respect him. Noah curses him. His people become the Canaanites, who the Israelites treated as inferior presumably up to the time the story was told.

Noah is not the messiah, the intervention of God has ended, and mankind carries on its sad way, that’s how I read it. God makes a promise, man makes a curse.

I fail, all the time, I lack dignity and fall victim to my appetites and I have snobby prejudices and use god’s creation disrespectfully. I still stand on the promises of God.

And so it goes

Praise him!

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