Genesis 7

Wrath and mercy. The lord is not tame.

I read a few things yesterday on the internet arguing that this all really happened and some saying it was impossible.

Those saying it happened appealed more to science and history. There is geological evidence of a great deluge, there are more than 200 versions of this or other flood stories in the histories of ancient peoples. Some pastor has even done a calculation of animals and the size of the ark and argued enthusiastically about that.

The sceptical view was more from a logical point of view. Why did god create creation to fail? How is it fair to kill unborn babies of those who perished? For them the existence of similar histories in other cultures supported the idea that sometime just made it all up.

For my part I think this probably refers to a real event. If it did turn out to be a story or a myth however, it would not upset me. Because I have lived through similar events during my life: tsunamis, earthquakes etc., which leave you wondering about why people died etc. So either way this is a contemplation of sin, righteousness, judgement and grace.

Because I am simultaneously reading “hearing god” by Dallas Willard, I can’t help but notice the close involvement of God in each moment of the story.

God speaks to Noah, of course. He gives him a blueprint. God details the animals to be taken on. He shuts up the ark, making it secure, a new Eden.

He moves the animals to come, he provides for Noah’s whole family. And he sends the water.

It is fearlessly, richly described. Hopeless inescapable depth of water. Silence, with only Noah floating on top. It’s the anti-creation. The lord gives and the lord can take away. This is the one who is now intimately present in my life.

Jesus floated on the water. And he compared judgement day to this story. People will east and drink and marry up until the very day the waters burst out.

lord I start my new job today, finally. Let me be a righteous person regardless of any corruption around me. Shut me inside obedience to you. Be with me.


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