Genesis 6

Oh dear, this is so hard.

The chapter starts with a passage that most lterally interpreted means angels started to intermarry with human women. Or it could mean people of mixed belief systems married.  Or high-borne and low borne.

Can’t say I’m getting tremendous spiritual benefit from this. Keep moving
Prayer: give me some sugar here father, I’m working on the principle that all scripture is beneficial for growing in you as promised.  In our family there is a lot of sickness, and I am stressed though blessed to be starting a new job in a week. Speak to me!

The salient point is that people, left to their own devices, have descended into such corruption and wickedness that the Lord regrets the whole project and wants to wipe them out.  This passage is problematic too: does God change his mind? Make mistakes? Though for me it helps to consider Christ. Christ had a clear mission and task, but was never too focussed on it not to risk it by having compassion in situations that arose from the need for wine at the canaan wedding to the death of a nobleman’s daughter.  I’m sure Noah was not sinless, but he was faithful, and God could not wipe him out.  The lord’s heart was deeply troubled.  Its hard to keep this perspective of God in mind.

Prayer: you know what?  I’m deeply troubed.  A mess of change, fear, sickness and excitement is swirling in my head, kept me up last night. The Lord understands. Its really hard speaking to him at the moment, I feel under attack almost. Stop thinking of him as above all that. 

So this is the account of Noah and his family; a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God.

So this familiar story. A child’s story, with animals. A very concrete working of God.

A massive “I told you so” story. Noah the mad eccentric, proved right when everyone else laughed.

But it’s also a mysterious tragedy. How did it get to this, a few chapters from the optimism of creation, to a world so corrupt that it is better off downed?

Today it just seems tragic.

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