Genesis 5

The family line from Adam to Noah.  A joining chapter.  Yes, in the old testament, not every chapter has a neat message you can take into the day with you…

Note in the summary of creation we go back to the man and woman in God’s image again… I love the egalitarian ideal in that.

Everyone lives a very long time.  It seems ridiculous.  No one knows whether people actually did live much longer in ancient days.  Reports show up in a number of cultures, but it could be a different idea of a year or any number of things.  Or it could be literally true.

It is referenced in establishing the genealogy of Jesus, the fulfiller of the promise to strike the snake.

To google this chapter brings out a lot of whacky commentary.  I settled on Matthew Henry as usual. He always has so much to say, you feel ashamed for thinking a passage didn’t mean much.  The pattern of lives breaks with Enoch, who is so good he does not die.  And Methusala, the one who lives longest dies with the flood.  People suggest that this was a prophecy, and the length of his life is an example of God’s grace, putting off the judgement of the flood.

Anyhow, this zooms us forward through lots of time until Noah, and shows us that while man became so corrupt as to require judgement, a line that led to the faithful Enoch, who walked faithfully with God, who’s great grandchild was Noah.

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