John 1

Another creation story. It’s a bit like “Back to the future 2”, a double time travel story where you visit a second time the creation story and look at it from another perspective.

It has the same zooming sense of starting at a long distance and coming into sharp focus. I love that about the first chapter of John, the zoom down from the beginning of time and the cosmos to the ordinary figure of Jesus.

The word was with, and was, God. In genesis there is God and there are his words “let there be light” which together are the creative act. And are both God.

Then John says the word is the light. In genesis light is the first good thing God makes. The first thing that provides definition.

Though before light the spirit of God floats over the waters. Read together, genesis and John show that the trinity is complete at the moment of creation.

Genesis does a turn of metaphor to make light and dark define a day, the first day, setting the rhythm of the creation, which is good.

Johns turn of metaphor makes the light life, so the advent of Jesus is like a beacon of life shining in a world of darkness.  Conquering death, a new creation.


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