Luke 12

We all have spiritual work to do. Mine is ministry to the kids. To our friends. The people at church. In thinking about using my music for spiritual work, after reading nick cave say that all music is spiritual.

Jesus is positively bipolar to highlight the importance of our spiritual work in this chapter.  Don’t worry at all about the material things of life. You won’t add an hour to your life by worrying. Lovely! Hard!

Be very very aware of being watchful for the return of the master. If you have been given much, much is expected of you. The rich fool dies while plotting his earthly treasure. So many strong messages about bad priorities.

Death is nothing to fear compared to the one who can throw you into hell. Nothing you hide will stay hidden… Your darkest hypocrisy will be shouted from the roof tops. Death is a big theme here. Very aware of the allotted time on earth and the expectation to use it well. It’s so short!

Or time on earth will involve division not peace.  The “do not worry” stands out in a chapter of lots of things pointing out what an utter disaster is trusting in your own strength and not taking god seriously.

Jesus demands absolute faith, you’ve really got to throw your lot totally with him.

In a week where I am swallowed up by my failure to cope with the practicalities of life this is overwhelming. It feels like I don’t have the luxury of choice. I am not pleasing God or Mammon. I am a total failure.  All I can do is pray.  For clarity, for sense. We should downscale. Project downscale.

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