Luke 1

Story of John the baptist
God appeared to Zachariah in a way that fitted with the temple religion. God follows the rules so people will understand?
John the baptist marked out by teatotalism before birth
Filled with the holy spirit even before he was born
A semi miraculous birth to prepare for a more miraculous one. A proof for Mary. God helped & anticipated unbelief.
Stuck dumb. A practical way of keeping the message private?
The testimony of the fetus, famous from the moment of birth.
Horn of salvation: horn is a metaphor for power.
The testimony and prophecy of women about the coming lord.
Marys song about the humble being honoured and the rich being denied. God scattered the proud, bought down thrones and exulted the humble. His might is shown in her ordinariness.
Stayed with Elizabeth for the first trimester?
Irony: god showed his power by shutting up the men and letting the women do the testifying!
Second song is Zachariah. Beautiful comparison of the forgiveness that John will bring to the rising of the sun, of tenderness.

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